Every “Deep Clean” includes the “Basic Clean” with detail focus on build up, plus:

  • Ceiling fan blades 
  • Light fixtures (hand washed in place / not removed)
  • Blinds and shutters 
  • Moldings, woodwork, and window sills 
  • Baseboards (reachable w/out moving furniture)
  • Lamp and lampshades 
  • Pictures and knick-knacks 
  • Furniture (under and around as able to reach)
  • Stove-top and drip pans scrubbed
  • All Cabinet fronts cleaned
  • All doors wiped
  • Light switch plates 
  • Counter-tops and back-splashes 
  • Mirrors 
  • Tub / Shower tiles 
  • Wastebaskets (emptied / relined)
  • Stairs (vacuumed or mopped)
  • Floors (vacuumed and/or mopped includes closets)
  • Vacuum all carpet crevices 

*We do not climb higher than a 2-step ladder. Higher items will be dusted w/an extension duster.

Each Mama Ducks cleaning visit follows the Mama Ducks Person of Excellence Standard Format. We can also customize your cleaning service, and provide a list of standard extra services we can provide for both one time deep cleaning clients, and regularly scheduled maintenance cleaning clients. Our included house cleaning services gives you a great cleaning experience and a standardized process EVERY-TIME, but we are more than happy at creating a custom cleaning program to meet your needs. Just let us know and we will be more than glad to help you. We really are dedicated to making your life better & easier.